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April 25, 2006


Rappy: dude, that Caygeon sure puts out a lot. I remember getting some love too
Me: hahahahaha
Me: you should comment that
Rappy: I'll comment tomorrow. I'm just doing some catch up and then going to bed.
Me: oh fine
Me: remember what you said, then
Rappy: that your cat is a slut?
Rappy: yeah, not likely to forget

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I'm So Haaaaaaappyyyyyyy!


Marcel left this morning, and we had a fantastic time. I now know why a style of kissing was named after the French.

I mean - GOD. He is a fantastic kisser. Everything was as wonderful as I hoped it would be.

We had a lovely Friday night together when he finally arrived (complete with a hysterical comment in the elevator at Tampa International Airport that Marcel made to a little old man who asked if we were "going down").

Saturday - We went to Barnes & Noble for coffee, pastries, and a guidebook to Europe (for next summer), as well as a cribbage board. I showed Marcel my office and then we ate lunch at Boston Market. Then we did some grocery shopping, went home, fooled around, learned how to play cribbage (I lost 3-2), and then closed out the evening with pizza, merlot, and The Colbert Report.

Sunday - Marcel made me pancakes for breakfast, then we laid together on the couch and watched Meet the Press, some other show with Bob Schieffer, and Wolf Blitzer's show on CNN. Then headed out to the Pinellas Trail so Marcel could run 10 miles (he's participating in the Big Sur Marathon this Sunday). The park I had picked as the starting point was packed - there were no parking spaces because they were all filled by people using the boat slip - and it was then that we decided that HE should be in charge of planning next month's trip to Taos - I just need to show up.

We went down to Wall Springs Park so Marcel could start running from there, while I took photos (which I will post soon). Went to Jason's Deli to pick up lunch (asian wraps), came home, messed around, and then Marcel cooked dinner for me (mozzarella-stuffed chicken with pasta and garlic bread), we drank the second bottle of merlot, he fed me Phish Food ice cream right out of the carton, and then played drunk cribbage (I went up 2-0 before Marcel got serious and came back to tie things up ... and then he obliterated me in winning the deciding game).

Yes, we spent quality time playing cribbage. And maybe I'm really strange, but ... I loved it.

Monday - I wanted to take Marcel to this place called Lenny's for breakfast because I had heard it was very good - I heard wrong. It was merely average, plus it was goddamn hot in the restaurant. After that we went back home, hung out a bit, did some stuff that I can't specifically relate and/or cannot recall, then went to Macaroni Grill around 4 for a late lunch/early dinner. While there I knocked off an item on my 101 List by trying espresso. Which was icky.

After that we went to a wine store nearby and picked up a bottle of white wine to have that night, then we drove down to Indian Rocks Beach to watch the sunset. It wasn't the greatest of sunsets, but fortunately that wasn't the point. On the way down to the beach I took Alternate 19 along the water so Marcel could see really expensive houses, the world spiritual headquarters for Scientology, and where I received six months of chemo. Oh, and the houses of both Hulk Hogan and my mother.

We got home around 9, watched last week's episode of 24 - Marcel was immediately hooked, so then we watched the episode that the Tivo was busy recording. Drank the white wine, which was fantastic. I was feeling clingy because Marcel was leaving the next morning, so we just laid around talking and kissing and stuff until it was time to go to sleep.

Today - Out of my place by 9:15, stopped at Starbucks for coffee and breakfast, then went to the airport. We were pretty early so we spent about an hour sitting away from the crowds in a deserted section of the terminal, talking and kissing and stuff until it was time for him to go out to the airside.

I didn't cry when I had to say goodbye, though. Normally I do. I think I didn't because I know I'll be seeing him again in just a month, and then we already have plans to see each other in June and July (he's visiting me for a week both times), August (he'll be coming to FL for a friend's retirement ceremony) and September (hopefully going to see his family in RI around his birthday).

Marcel made good on his promise of merlot, but he did NOT follow through on his massage promise. So now he owes me two. Plus, we forgot to make our mutual 101 in 1001 List, so we'll do that next month.

Oh, and my cats loved him. Especially Caygeon.

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April 21, 2006


It's been a good morning so far - talked to Marcel on his way to the airport, worked out for an hour, and now I'm back at home busily doing last minute preparations. Thus, the list is moved up:


  • Clean bird cages
  • Clean bathroom floor
  • Decide what to wear to airport


  • Vacuum apartment
  • Clean bathroom vanity
  • Last minute cleaning of kitchen/bedrooms
  • Take car to be washed
  • Buy frozen California Pizza Kitchen pizza


  • Freak out

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  • April 20, 2006

    Gone Off the Tracks

    Marcel sent me a link to Carl Bernstein's piece in Vanity Fair, "Senate Hearings on Bush, Now" and this part really stands out for me:

    Because (former secretary of state Colin) Powell was regarded by some as the administration "good guy," who was prescient in his anxiety about Bush's determination to go to war in Iraq ("You break it, you own it"), he should not be handed a pass exempting him from tough questioning in a congressional investigation. Indeed, Powell is probably more capable than any other witness of providing both fact and context to the whole story of the road to war and the actions of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the others.

    As much as I love Colin Powell (he was my only hope for the Bush administration), I agree. The man doesn't get a pass on this, especially now that he's retired.

    Side note: Marcel and I were talking a few days ago about how all these retired generals are now coming forward and speaking out against secretary of state Donald Rumsfeld. Many people are wondering why they didn't speak out at the time that they had their misgivings, because then maybe we wouldn't be stuck in the quagmire (yes I said it!) that is the Iraq war. I'll admit that I was thinking that this was "too little too late" myself, but then Marcel pointed out that according to the code of military conduct, an officer at that level would be expressly prohibited from speaking out against their civilian bosses (as Rumsfeld is). I guess the officer could still chose to do so, but these men had decades of service under their belts and I really can't blame them for not wanting to throw their careers in the toilet based on a bad feeling about what might happen in the future.

    So yes, Colin Powell needs to be made to answer for what he saw, and heard (as long as it's not classified, of course), and why he made the choices that he made. And maybe I'm still biased because of my affection for the man, but I suspect that Colin Powell won't have any problem defending his honor. I don't think the political "dodge and weave" is something he's capable of doing.

    The irony of the Valerie Plame affair, like the Watergate break-in itself, is its relative insignificance in terms of the greater transgressions of a presidency that has gone off the tracks.

    Quite the understatement there, Bernstein. But truer words were never spoken. It'll be a kick in the pants if the leaks are what finally bring Bush down, rather than his general record of bone-chilling incompetence.

    We have never had a presidency in which the single unifying thread that flows through its major decision-making was incompetence ó stitched together with hubris and mendacity on a Nixonian scale.

    True, dat.

    There's also an interesting analysis of the Bush presidency in Rolling Stone, "The Worst President in History?" I'm thinking that's a rhetorical question.

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    Resistance Is Futile

    Me: I didn't win the lottery last night.
    Marcel: So you're not a millionaire?
    Me: No. Sorry!
    Marcel: Well actually, you're priceless.

    How can I possibly resist this man? HOW?!?

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    April 19, 2006

    Two Days to Go

    Two days and a wake up, really. Friday is my personal equivalent of VE Day - Marcel will be here to visit!

    But there is much left to be done. And this morning I realized that I have a mustard stain - nay, mustard STREAKS - on my favorite pair of jeans, and the stains don't appear to want to come out no matter how hard I scrub. So now I'm quite pissed about that, given that these are my only jeans that fit me just right.

    So Jen and I are going out at lunch to shop for Plan B.

    I'm going to post my list of things I need to do so I don't forget something:


  • Check Tivo programming to make sure Alias is being recorded
  • Wash sheets
  • Paint fingernails and toenails
  • Get phone number for pizza delivery
  • Make Red Velvet Cake for potluck at work tomorrow


  • Clean out car
  • Go to farmer's market for millet & flax chips and tabbouleh


  • Clean bird cages
  • Clean bathroom floor
  • Decide what to wear to airport


  • Vacuum apartment
  • Clean bathroom vanity
  • Last minute cleaning of kitchen/bedrooms
  • Take car to be washed
  • Buy frozen California Pizza Kitchen pizza


  • Freak out

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  • April 17, 2006

    The Way We Were

    Me: http://www.highwaygirl.com/archive/000502.html
    Rappy: aw
    Rappy: that was so sweet.
    Rappy: I'm glad we became friends.
    Rappy: thanks to blasted TWoP
    Rappy: no less
    Rappy: you really are a huge part of my life.
    Me: aww, and you are a huge part of mine too!
    Rappy: *group hug*
    Me: I would be lost without ye
    Me: *hug*
    Rappy: ye complete me!
    Rappy: *grin*
    Me: *jumps on couch*
    Rappy: hahahaha
    Me: *fist pumps*
    Me: *insane, maniacal grin*
    Rappy: I broke my collarbone jumping on a couch. You be careful!
    Me: how did we become friends, even?
    Me: just through chat?
    Rappy: yup
    Rappy: through TAR chat
    Me: OH OH OH
    Me: one word
    Me: - pause -
    Me: DJEBER
    Me: *smirk*
    Rappy: OH MY GOD
    Rappy: I wonder what that loser is up to?
    Rappy: well, not really, but let's put our good friend google to work
    Me: oh man, I haven't thought of him in ages
    Me: BUT
    Me: I remember that he flaunted you to me
    Rappy: and you know what else I thought about recently?
    Me: once I had ditched him
    Rappy: he WHAT?
    Me: OH YES
    Me: YES!
    Me: he lurved me
    Me: but I was like ... no
    Rappy: oh, I knew that, but what about the flaunt?
    Me: so then you met him at TARCon, I think
    Me: and then he came back and told me that you and he were IT
    Me: and that you were both really into each other
    Me: and you had that whole marriage pact ting
    Me: ting! I'm suddenly Jamaican
    Rappy: HAHAHAHA
    Me: and he tells me this and I'm thinking...
    Rappy: dude, it was a drunk fucking JOKE
    Me: holy shit, I should warn this girl
    Me: because he was TEH FREAK
    Me: he starts off nice, and then becomes ... yeah
    Me: insane clown posse
    Me: so yes, in the beginning I was concerned about you
    Me: and that's how I started talking to you
    Rappy: anyway, I was thinking the other day, about the whole COSMO episode.
    Rappy: Good times, man
    Me: another one I haven't thought of in forever
    Me: what the hell was it I said to her?
    Me: OH OH OH
    Me: "NICE, Cosmo"
    Me: and that shattered her emotionally
    Me: I can't remember how you so wronged her
    Rappy: hahahaha
    Rappy: because she made a gross comment about Jeans in LG chat and I asked her rather nicely to refrain because others had complained
    Rappy: and then she wrote that crazy entry in her hidden journal that Ladex showed me
    Rappy: and then she ran off besmirching us everywhichway
    Rappy: I feel semi bad for her, though. She was truly in need of meds.
    Me: now I remember the Jeans thing
    Me: and yes, Cosmo went on a total fucking bender
    Me: ripping us near and far on the internet
    Me: good times!

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    April 13, 2006

    And You Give Yourself Away

    "With Or Without You"
    Listen | Buy

    NOTES: Forgetting for a moment that I like to mangle one of the lines in this song into "I can't live with or without chew" (an ode to the delights of chewing tobacco, perhaps?), I'm trying to come up with a playlist of Songs to Make Out To. I'm not sure this one qualifies (do I really want to be telling the object of my affection that I can't live WITH him?), so I need people to make some recommendations. Pleeeeeeeeeease.

    See the stone set in your eyes
    See the thorn twist in your side
    I wait for you

    Sleight of hand and twist of fate
    On a bed of nails she makes me wait
    And I wait without you

    With or without you
    With or without you

    Through the storm we reach the shore
    You give it all but I want more
    And I'm waiting for you

    With or without you
    With or without you
    I can't live
    With or without you

    And you give yourself away
    And you give yourself away
    And you give
    And you give
    And you give yourself away

    My hands are tied
    My body bruised, she's got me with
    Nothing to win and
    Nothing left to lose

    And you give yourself away
    And you give yourself away
    And you give
    And you give
    And you give yourself away

    With or without you
    With or without you
    I can't live
    With or without you

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    April 12, 2006

    Single Digit Flower

    In honor of my attaining Single Digit Midget status (i.e. less than 10 days until the BIG DAY, usually a reference to someone in the military who is going home soon) today, Marcel sent this to my office:

    Click the photo for a high-resolution version
    a single digit midget flower

    Can I pick 'em or what?

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    Only Nine More Days


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    April 11, 2006

    Follow the Bouncing Boob

    So I was at the gym this morning for the first time since ... Friday? I think it was Friday. I had a busy weekend and yesterday morning I was too tired to go (Marcel's fault), so this morning I got back on track.

    Anyway, I noticed something about my posture on the arc trainer while I'm working out. If I'm very focused on what I'm doing and blocking everyone else out, I stand up straight with my shoulders back. But as soon as I start looking around and notice a man looking my direction - not necessarily even looking at ME, but just in my general vicinity - I subconsciously hunch my shoulders forward and try to make my chest concave.

    I'm embarrassed by my bouncing boobs! I know I shouldn't be - they're just breasts, dammit! - but I want to hide them just the same.

    I wear two sports bras to the gym because as of yet I've been too cheap to shell out the $60 for the Enell Sports Bra that I really need. I willingly spent $90 on a heart rate monitor, but I won't drop $60 for good breast support. Something is wrong with me.

    I really need Target to start carrying the Enell bra. I think if I could try one on to make sure I had the right size, I'd be willing to pay for it.

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    April 07, 2006

    He's So Fein

    One brief note - Rep. Cynthia McKinney sounds like she's got some issues ("much ado about a hairdo"? Cram it), but Tom DeLay accusing anyone of "incredible arrogance" is the hypocritical statement of the century.

    Moving on – I HAVE A NEW BOYFRIEND!


    A new political boyfriend, I mean. Since John McCain is now dead to me, I had to find a new maverick politician to swoon over. Someone who, against all the odds, speaks rationally and reasonably about the issues facing the United States. Someone that I could support in an election without checking my ethics at the door.

    I have found that man.

    Hello, kitten. What's your position on the death penalty?

    This is Russ Feingold. Feingold is a Democratic senator from Wisconsin, home of all things jird (so they have to be good). I have to admit that I never took notice of this guy until he made the news by proposing that President Bush be censured over the illegal wiretapping fiasco. I am a Julie-come-lately.

    Anyway, I kind of thought pushing for censure was a bad move (whipping the opposition into a frenzy and giving insane hardcore Bush supporters a point to rally against isn't a good thing), but after I read Feingold's statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee about why he felt it was necessary, I was swayed:

    Where we disagree, apparently, is whether the Presidentís authority under Article II of the Constitution allows him to authorize warrantless surveillance without complying with FISA. You have said you think this is a close question. I do not believe he has such authority and I donít think itís a close question. We will continue to debate that Iím sure. But I think the fact that you have proposed legislation on this program undermines your argument that such presidential authority exists. Because if it does exist, then nothing that we can legislate, no matter how carefully crafted, is worth a hill of beans. For starters, your proposed bill may or may not cover what the NSA is now doing. You and I have no way of knowing because we have not been fully briefed on the program, and I am a member of the Intelligence Committee as well. But regardless, if the President has the inherent authority to authorize whatever surveillance he thinks is necessary, then he surely will ignore your law, just as he has ignored FISA on many occasions.

    If Congress doesnít have the power to define the contours of the Presidentís Article II powers through legislation, then I have no idea why people are scrambling to draft legislation to authorize what they think the President is doing. If the Presidentís legal theory, which is shared by some of our witnesses today, is correct, then FISA is a dead letter, all of the supposed protections for civil liberties contained in the reauthorization of the Patriot Act that we just passed are a cruel hoax, and any future legislation we might pass regarding surveillance or national security is a waste of time and a charade. Under this theory, we no longer have a constitutional system consisting of three co-equal branches of government, we have a monarchy.

    Balls. of. steel.

    He had me at "hello."

    So then I started Googling for information about this guy, since I need a Plan B now that McCain has jumped aboard the Crazy Train - and learned the following:

    • Feingold recently spoke in favor of the legalization of gay marriage.

    • He was the only member of the Senate to vote against the Patriot Act.

    • He voted against the war in Iraq because he didn't believe that the war was necessary or wise, but then he voted for the $87 billion to support the troops once the war was underway. That's not flip-flopping, that's voting sensically.

    • He's against the death penalty and has introduced legislation that would issue a moratorium until the system that administers the death penalty can be closely reviewed by an independent commission.

    • Every single time that Congress authorizes another pay raise for itself, Feingold votes against the raise. When these votes pass, Feingold returns his raise to the national treasury.

    • He kicked ass on The Daily Show.

    What's not to love? Get this man to run in '08!

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    April 06, 2006

    101 in 1001 - April '06 Update

    I've crossed off numbers 49 (start a savings account) and 52 (go to the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa). Also, numbers 40 and 89 are revisions.

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    April 05, 2006


    Roo: guess what I'm doing in June?
    Roo: you're going to dieeeeeeeeeee
    Me: testing for your black belt???
    Me: I mean a higher degree
    Roo: ha! no
    Me: hint me?
    Roo: Ribbit
    Me: frogs...
    Me: you're going to kiss a frog?
    Roo: heh. perhaps
    Roo: frogs are also called ___
    Roo: or well, maybe it's a different classification
    Roo: HA...what??? hee
    Me: wow, that was insensitive of me
    Me: Marcel will be displeased
    Roo: indeed!

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    April 04, 2006

    Then and Now

    Just a bit of consumer reporting off the top here. I am addicted to these new(ish) Snickers Marathon Energy bars:

    These things are so freaking good. They don't really taste like Snickers, though. But they're chocolately and caramely and gooey and chewy and they've got lots of vitamins and minerals (fortified for women, they are), and they actually curb my hunger for a few hours. Walgreens just had them on sale for $1 so I bought a few. If by "few" I mean "15."

    The Double Chocolate Nut flavor is the bestest. Honey Nut is merely OK, but still passable.

    Also, this is the best sunless tanner I've ever used:

    Hawaiian Tropic Island Glow. It's in that class of sunless tanners that are positioned as moisturizers with almost a hint of sunless tanning in them. Everyone's heard of that Jergens Natural Glow stuff, which I tried last year. It worked OK, but I only used it twice because, quite honestly, it smelled like hairballs. And I am intimately acquainted with hairballs, so I know of what I speak.

    But this Hawaiian Tropic stuff smells, no kidding, like green tea. It smells REALLY good - I'd buy it just for the scent. It's clean smelling, but not overwhelming. I think even if you didn't really love green tea scents you'd still be OK with this. The point is that it doesn't smell like hot shiny chemical death, which is rare in sunless tanners.

    It also works very well. I just applied it for the first time last night, and I could see a difference this morning (I used the shade for medium skin tones).

    But now the main point of this post. I had planned on posting an ode to exercise today anyway, but right now I'm having a massive cramp/spasm in my right shoulder, just below the neck, which reminded me I wanted to do this.

    I joined the Palm Harbor YMCA at the end of October last year. So it's been five solid months. When I first started my goal was to just go three times a week, and do 30 minutes of cardio. I really hate treadmills (zzzzzz), so I chose to focus on the elliptical machines because I had read they were the most effective. Fairly soon I decided I liked the Arc Trainer best, so I've stuck with that.

    Even though it's only been five months, my whole attitude about it has changed. As have the kinds of workouts I'm doing. To wit:

    Could barely drag my ass out of bed at 5:30 a.m.Pop right out of bed at 4:45 a.m.
    Worked out 3x per week for 30 minsWork out 5x per week for 45 mins (including "Saturday Hell" - 45 cardio/45 weights/30 cardio)
    Struggled to just keep going for 30 minutes on the arc trainerLove doing high-intensity interval workouts
    Sweat? TOTALLY GROSS.Sweat? A badge of honor.
    Cared if I looked like I just got out of bedProudly rocking the bedhead look, 'cause all that matters is that I'm there
    Focused solely on not collapsingI have all kinds of goals for each workout and love pushing myself

    What really got me thinking about this is the whole sweating thing. I used to hate cardio and avoid it like the plague because I really, REALLY hated sweating. I could never understand how people could ENJOY sweating, or actively, willingly pursue activities that would make them sweat. Well, other than sex.

    But now, every time I finish a workout you can tell by looking at me that I've WORKED. I don't see the point, otherwise. When I'm done the back of my hair is all wet, my arms are glistening, and I've got the beginnings of sweat marks on my t-shirt (I don't get drenched or anything - I'm not a guy). I see some women in the gym who barely look winded during their workouts; they finish and every hair is still in place.

    That used to be me, which is funny, because at this point - mentally - I'd never be able to do that. If I'm going to get up at the asscrack of dawn and get dressed and strap on my heart monitor and brush my teeth and grab my water bottle and leave my apartment and drive five miles and climb onto a machine and kick my own ass for 45 minutes ... I'd damn well better see some tangible evidence of all the energy I'm putting into it.

    And thus, I love to sweat. I have become all the things I used to be suspicious of.

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    Happy Days Are Here A-gain

    From the It's About Damn Time files: Tom DeLay Quits House

    Is today a wonderful day or what? Do we dare to dream that Bill Frist might follow in DeLay's footsteps sometime soon?

    Turning Water Into Whining - Bill Maher takes on paranoid Christians (the opening bit about Andy Card stepping down is also a hoot).

    Some highlights:

    You know, Christians - I don't mind that you're part of a dress-up cult that hates sex and worships magic...

    In Savannah recently a children's book about a baby penguin, who's raised by two male penguins (*gasp*), was removed from the library for its homosexual overtones. 'Cause you know penguins, with those tuxedos, and the dreamy eyes ... huge fags.

    Now I know George Bush says Jesus Christ changed his heart, but believe me - Dick Cheney changed it back. The only thing Bush has in common with Jesus is that they both went into their father's business and got crucified for it.

    Thomas Jefferson called the type of Christian who trumpets his own belief in the divinity of Jesus rather than the morality of Jesus "pseudo-Christians," and that's who's running our country today. And since they thrive so much on turning water into whining, and get off on their endless pretend persecution, this Easter season let's give them what they want - let's go to the zoo, get some lions, and feed them Tom DeLay."

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    April 03, 2006

    A Man of No Talent Whatsoever

    ACHTUNG! Breaking news - Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (em dee) is still a complete idiot.

    I've felt immeasurable disgust for Bill Frist for a long time. I continue to think he is the Antichrist, mainly because of that whole adopting-cats-from-an-animal-shelter-only-to-kill-and-dissect-them thing (that link goes to a webpage featuring Jon Stewart's take on the matter). I guess I hold a grudge.

    Seriously, this is a direct quote from the man's autobiography:

    I visited the various animal shelters in the Boston suburbs, collecting cats, taking them home, treating them as pets for a few days, then carting them off to the lab to die in the interest of science.

    So yes, Bill Frist? Is a sick fuck. You can read more about that, and the fact that Frist refers to himself as "totally schizoid" over the cat thing, if you have the stomach for it and want to create in your heart a deep, burning hatred for a government official.

    Anyway, because of this it is with a spring in my step and glee in my heart that I read that Frist is going to have a difficult time should he decide to seek the Republican nomination for president:

    Frist Is Treading a Perilous Path Leading to 2008

    My favorite portion of the article:

    But other Republicans say that by forcing the Senate to consider his own immigration bill before the one backed by (John) McCain, Mr. Frist is putting presidential ambitions ahead of Senate business. The Democratic leader, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, openly dismissed Mr. Frist as a lame duck, and Charlie Cook, an independent political analyst, in an interview derided the Senate leader as a neophyte.

    "The most classic case of the Peter Principle I've ever seen in American politics," Mr. Cook said, in an uncharacteristically brutal assessment. "In a business where eloquence and rhetoric is important, he is a man of no talent whatsoever."

    Give Charlie a cookie!

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    Every Kiss Was Neverending

    Beach Boys
    "Wouldn't It Be Nice"
    Listen | Buy

    NOTES: And there's a man who makes me think of him when I hear this song.

    Wouldn't it be nice if we were older
    Then we wouldn't have to wait so long
    And wouldn't it be nice to live together
    In the kind of world where we belong

    You know it's gonna make it that much better
    When we can say goodnight and stay together

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could wake up
    In the morning when the day is new
    And after having spent the day together
    Hold each other close the whole night through

    The happy times together we've been spending
    I wish that every kiss was neverending
    Oh wouldn't it be nice

    Maybe if we think and wish and hope and pray it might come true
    Baby then there wouldn't be a single thing we couldn't do
    But we could be married
    And then we'd be happy

    Oh wouldn't it be nice

    You know it seems the more we talk about it
    It only makes it worse to live without it
    But let's talk about it
    Oh wouldn't it be nice

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    I Wouldn't Change a Single Thing

    "'Til Kingdom Come"
    Listen | Buy

    NOTES: Here's how lucky I am – there's a man who listens to this song and thinks of me.

    Still my heart and hold my tongue
    I feel my time, my time has come
    Let me in, unlock the door
    I never felt this way before

    And the wheels just keep on turning
    The drummer begins to drum
    I don't know which way I'm going
    I don't know which way I've come

    Hold my head inside your hands
    I need someone who understands
    I need someone, someone who hears
    For you, I've waited all these years

    For you I'd wait 'til kingdom come
    Until my day, my day is done
    And say you'll come and set me free
    Just say you'll wait, you'll wait for me

    In your tears and in your blood
    In your fire and in your flood
    I hear you laugh, I heard you sing
    I wouldn't change a single thing

    And the wheels just keep on turning
    The drummers begin to drum
    I don't know which way I'm going
    I don't know what I've become

    For you I'd wait 'til kingdom come
    Until my days, my days are done
    Say you'll come and set me free
    Just say you'll wait, you'll wait for me

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